WP2 – Rational food design

The objective of this workpackage is to design food items with a high health quality, but reminiscent of common and popular products, so as not to force consumers to change their food preference patterns. The three types of products are envisaged:

(i) baked meat-cabbage combination where the formation of undesirable compounds is reduced and health promoting phytochemicals present;

(ii) bacalao-type tomato fish product in which unsaturated fatty acids are protected against oxidation and lycopene in the proper chemical form occurs;

(iii) vegetarian tomato-cabbage produce, because the combination of the two phytocomplexes can be expected to be particularly beneficial in dietary prevention of civilization diseases.

The vegetables will be derived from field experiments carried out in the framework of Sunniva project. The test products that will turn out promising will be prepared on larger scale in cooperation with industrial partners. The design of food items and technology of their production will be directed to maximize healthiness by preserving labile bioactive plant components and by ensuring appropriate conversion of precursor phytochemicals (such as glucosinolates to isothiocyanates or isomerisation of lycopene), as well as by preventing the formation of carcinogenic components (e.g. aromatic amines or furan) during heat processing. The content and composition of both beneficial and undesirable compounds and relevant biological properties will be monitored along the production chain using a set of analytical and bioanalytical markers.


  • Sustainable food production through quality optimized raw material production and processing technologies for premium quality vegetable products and generated by-products

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